5 Cannabis Tips for a Better Online Presence

Are you looking to market your cannabis or CBD business – well here is some advice on doing so.

1. Content & Website

Here are ways you can use content to help with your cannabis marketing:

• Create Visual Content

Visuals are considered as the leading way to market a product or business. Remember, eyes are the window to the soul; pictures are worth a thousand words, and videos are worth a million. As such, taking advantage of videos video contents and video websites will help market your business. with this in mind, you should create short and yet interesting video contents and posting them on YouTube or Vimeo

To optimize your videos, you should consider using catchy titles, quality images, links to your website, and your city in the video’s description. Including contact information and address will also help. It is important to use about 250 words to describe the video, and do not forget to include your keyword.

• Guest Content Writers

Marketing is all about attracting attention from everywhere. As such, a great way to get more attention to your website is through guest content writers. What does this mean? Well, it simply means giving other content writes an opportunity to write a content for your website. There are times when you will not know what to write about. However, with the help of guest content writer, you may get a smashing content. Also, guest bloggers carry their influence and popularity.

• Target Your Contents To Local Customers

The truth is that cannabis as a business has a bit of limitation and this is you cannot sell to the whole world. This is generally due to local laws and the product itself. This means that you can sell locally (in your location). As such, when you create contents for your websites, they should target local customers. This simply means that all contents must be written by people directly around you. Generally, the contents you create should reach people within 5 miles around your store.

Even if you have other sister businesses, you should create contents in such a way that will fit and make sense for each location. Remember, relevant content is what Google and other search engines want and therefore you should come up with relevant contents. If you need help, Team MaryJane will help you.

Team MaryJane is a Denver based marketing agency specialized in SEO and creating content. We would love to be part of your team.

2. General Business Marketing

Here are ways you can use business marketing for cannabis marketing:

• Storefront Improvements

One way to attract potential customers is through your storefront. What does this mean? Well, a majority of potential customers evaluate a business depending on how their storefront looks like. Furthermore, creating a storefront Ad that is beautiful will make your business stand out from the rest. Therefore, if you have not taken advantage of storefront business decorations, you should consider doing just that. In other words, you should include your brand in everything and into all aspects of your marketing, which also includes your own presentation.

• Joining Local Groups

A good business marketer will take advantage of all avenues presented to them. you should take advantage of online platforms such as Meetup.com to find group meetups around your area. The good news is that you can find many cannabis related groups and topics. The groups are generally a great way to increase popularity around your area. Local groups may also help create a network with other cannabis brands. You will also get to learn more about customers and their preferences.

• Cannabis Conferences

Cannabis conferences are a great way to make personal and professional relationships. By going to cannabis tradeshows, expos, and industry conferences will help you get new ideas and ways to improve your business and marketing techniques. Furthermore, it is a great way to market your business through making connections with sellers. It is also a great way to cross-promote your brand.

• Cross-Promoting

Another great way to promote or market your brand is through cross-promoting with other local businesses. The cannabis industry offers a lot of mutual relationships, which is something you can take advantage of. What does this mean? For example, let us assume that a shop across the street wants more business, you can simply send your products there, and vise vasa. Remember, it is not a must to be on the same industry. They can be selling something like glass. In a nutshell, there are many opportunities to start some kind of a partnership or understanding.

3. Local SEO

Here are ways you can use Local SEO  for cannabis marketing:

• Take Advantage Of Local Listings

There are many listings such as the YellowPages and Yelp, one can use to market their business. They do not only help potential customers find a business easily, buy provide links and contact data to the website and store. Furthermore, there are many cannabis-related directories such as Leafbuyer, Leafly, and Weedmaps.

Remember, directories are there to help customers get in touch with a service provider with ease and vise vasa. However, it is important to note that there are some directories that are not popular and may affect your SEO and marketing method.

• Reviews

Another way to increase traffic to your store is through reviews. This is a marketing technique that has been around for several years now and generally, works like word of mouth. This is why it is also known as digital word of mouth marketing. You get reviews after dealing with a customer. If a customer is satisfied, request for a review. If they are not, improve your service.

• Use Everything Google Has

This means using Google AdWords, Google My Business, Google+, and even Google Analytics. All of them will help you with your SEO. Cannabis marketing is based on keyword and content marketing because advertising is a little tricky. With this in mind, it is important to note that Google products will help you boost your rank on the search engine result page (SERP). You should constantly use them to update all your keywords.

4. Social Media

Here are ways you can use social media for cannabis marketing:

• Love The Hashtag

Social media plays a very big role when it comes to marketing a business and Hashtag is the way user’s categories contents. In other words, a potential customer can locate your business by simply searching for hashtags. As such, you should always provide relevant contents and make them interesting for the content to generate leads. This will help you create your own community or followers. Anytime you use a hashtag, be specific and you should never use more hashtags than words.

• Share Local News

It is very difficult to create a strong bond with your followers, and very easy to break the bond. What does this mean? It simply means that it is very easy for followers to get bored with your contents. As such, you should find interesting ways to keep them entertained as well as informed. One way to achieve this is through local news regarding the cannabis industry. Including interesting research about the product will help.

Including other information such as your business, and generally, everything about the industry will help you keep your followers on the same page. Remember, many social media are a worldwide platform.

• Social Media Dedicated To Cannabis

There are many social media platforms dedicated to marijuana. The biggest and most popular platform is Massroots, which is considered as the Instagram of weed. Another platform is Duby, which is much similar to tinder. The only difference is that Duby it is for weed pictures and not finding dates. It is important to note that these social media platforms do not have many monthly users like Twitter or Facebook, but its users are ready for cannabis-related content. This simply means that you will not get a lot of engagements but you will get the best engagement.

• Joining Local Facebook Groups

Research has proven that Facebook is the leading social media in the world, with the biggest number of users. This is because Facebook is flexible and accommodates different types of groups and people’s interests. As such, there are hundreds, if not thousands of groups in every location. By taking advantage of these groups, which are cannabis related, you can increase your business’s popularity.

For example, in Denver, there are groups for gardeners, funny videos, much more. This simply means that you will get a cannabis-related group, which you can take advantage of. However, it is paramount to note that you should never get into a group with the intention of selling. Go in as yourself to build relationships, know what customers need, and market the business in a casual way. The way you share your information will determine the way you build your relationships.

• Social Media Monitoring

Research shows that there are two industries that have a huge buzz, which are the entertainment and the cannabis industries. America has made strides for creating good medical marijuana programs as well as legalizing the herb for those that need it. as such, it is important to know and keep an eye on what people are talking about. It does not matter if a person had a bad experience or there is a new cardholder, information is king. Through positive and negative information, find a way to connect. Without information, you cannot market your business well.

• Commenting On Relevant Websites And Blogs

Commenting on relevant blogs and websites is a great way to market your business. participating in active discussions will give you the tools to not only promote your business but understand what potential customers are looking for. As such, you should stay connected to channels, forums, websites, and blogs with relevant information about the industry. Remember, if your comment adds value to the general topic, you can add a link to your website, which is a great way to increase traffic to the website.

Furthermore, it is an opportunity for people to read the content you have regarding the topic. To be successful in marketing, you have to first need to be approachable.

Cannabis marketing experts have published informative and detailed information about the subject if you are looking to learn about the best practices of social media.

5. Organic SEO

Here are ways you can use SEO for cannabis marketing:

• Backlinks

SEO is paramount to marketing, especially on search engines. Therefore, to be successful with SEO, you will need to generate quality backlinks. According to Google, backlinks do have a high-ranking potential, especially if it goes hand in hand with a good content. Therefore, the more links you have with better and relevant information will help boost your overall SEO rank.

• The Homepage

The most authoritative and powerful page on a website is the homepage. It carries authority for search engines and does play a big role in the success of SEO. A good homepage should not be more than 600 words and include your keywords. A homepage is not only important to the search engine buy also potential customers or visitors.

A visitor should not take more than 3 seconds to know the services or products you are offering. Furthermore, it should include the business name, physical address, phone number, and any other important information.

• Use MetaTags

A metatag is a short text that describes a content on a specific page. Metatags do not appear on the page itself but do appear in a page’s code. They increase the rate of clicks through rates, which helps a page’s rank on the search engine. It generally helps a search engine to identify the content you and whether it is helpful to the user.

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