Beginners Guide to Vaping Weed

So, you’ve decided to try weed for the very first time, why not choose to vape. While smoking is the most popular means of consuming marijuana, vaping allows you to get the most out of your weed’s cannabinoids. Herein we have prepared some of the best tips on how to vape weed for the first time is you are after an experience to remember.

#1. Where To Purchase Your Marijuana

For those of you who live in a marijuana state such as Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, California, Washington, Maine, and Massachusetts, you have the option of purchasing a weed at a local marijuana dispensary. For those who live in states that have a provision for medical marijuana, you can attain a medical marijuana card, which gives you access to medical weed at the medical dispensaries. For individuals who live in states that have no legal form of weed, to access weed you might have to travel to the legal states. However, you need to note that there are restrictions to how much weed you can purchase. Furthermore, you cannot carry the weed home.

#2. Create A Comfortable Environment

The first order of business before vaping is to create a comfortable space for your enjoyment. This is especially important if you are trying weed for the first time. To this end, get rid of all your worries as they might trigger anxiety and negative experiences. It is also recommended that you bring in music to the environment. An iPod, your phone, or any other source of music will suffice. Finally, invite a friend or two, preferably experienced/veteran marijuana vapers.

Also, note that marijuana has some side effects. As such, plan accordingly and choose a time you do not expect any disturbances.

#3. Vape Around Mealtimes

One of weed’s side effects is the munchies (for some weed strains, anyway). Vape some strains of cannabis and you instantly get hungry. If you do not prepare well, once the munchies kick in you might end up consuming unhealthy foods (such as candy, chips, fast foods, and sweets) during the vaping session. And while not everyone who vapes gets the munchies, it is important to plan for them. With this in mind, you should plan your first vape around a meal time. Alternatively, you should healthy snacks readily available just in case you get the munchies.

#4. Vaping, Smoking, or Edibles: Which One Is Better For Your First Time

Generally speaking, we recommend vaping or smoking to first-time users instead of consuming edibles. Consuming cannabis-infused brownies or cookies yields stronger effects. Additionally, it takes some time before the effects kick in when compared to vaping or smoking. As such, vaping or smoking yield a far better experience when compared to eating edibles. However, if you choose to consume edibles, wait at least an hour before consuming a second brownie.

If you choose to vape, ensure that you have the right equipment. Dry herb mods and vaporizers are designed for vaporizing dry herbs, concentrates, and oil. It is important to make sure that you use the right cartridge/tank if you are using a 3-in-1 model.

#5. Which Strains Are Perfect For Newbies?

There is no perfect strain. It all depends on what you are after. Strain effects depend on the actual strain and method of consumption. For those interested in a cerebral high that enhances your creativity, Sativa dominant strain will suffice. If you are interested in a body high that results in a relaxed and sleepy effect, Indica dominant strains are your to-go-to strains. If you are interested in a combination of effects, hybrid strains should be your number one choice. When purchasing your weed, talk to the dispensary attendant and make sure you ask the possible effects of a strain of weed. Match the effects with your desired experience.

In the case of Leafly, they have an excellent database containing thousands of weed strains.

#6. Dosing

First-time weed consumers should take just one or two puffs. This is the appropriate dosage and usually, it is enough. As such, wait for about 20 minutes after vaping. However, if the effects do not kick in, take another puff or two. This should be enough.

#7. Vaporizing Temperatures For Weed

Ideally, you should vape marijuana at 347 – 392°F (175 �” 200°C). the lower end of the temperature spectrum releases fore cannabinoids, making it perfect for those looking for an awake high. Also note that when you vape at temperatures higher than 400°F, you run the risk of burning the weed and combusting the cannabinoids, thereby lowering the amount you get.

#8. How Long Will Your High Last?

Vaping and smoking produce a high that lasts between 2 and 4 hours. In the case of edibles, the high is more intense and longer lasting. Furthermore, different strains produce different lengths of high. All these make it hard to precisely determine how long a high will last.

#9. What You Will Feel The First Time

Experiences vary from person to person. However, particular experiences depend on the strain you consume, how much you consume, and you method of consuming.

Many first time vapers experience dry mouth, hunger, and some euphoria with some elements of feeling cold. Others will also go through time alteration experience, whereby they feel as if time is passing slowly.