All You Need to Know About Cannabis Oil (CBD)

Medical Marijuana, and the various medical applications it may have, has been the subject of serious debate in the legal and medical community. While some states have adopted more lenient laws on the administration of the controlled substance, it is still illegal by the definition of the federal government.

Cannabis Oil

Because medical marijuana is still a controlled substance by many standards, the study of its beneficial properties has been limited. There is still considerable debate as to whether this plant should be legalized or not.

The debate has touched almost every aspect of society today and it is hard not to form an opinion. Nevertheless, no opinion should be formed until the facts have been properly examined. The following guide will provide

Understanding Cannabis

The proper name given to the dried leaves and buds of the cannabis plant sativa plant or any of its numerous strains is Marijuana, which is a primary source material for producing cannabis oils. This plant is a native to dry warm climates across the world and has been known by many other names including pot, hash, herb, ganja, reefer and many more.

The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Oil

Sure, marijuana is a popular recreational drug, and relaxation and stress-relief is an important aspect of good health. But, is it really helpful as a medicinal herb? The medicinal value of cannabis oil has been successfully applied to relieving and balancing the conditions of autism and chronic pain. Nevertheless, there is another side to the coin which shows the side-effects.

Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of medical marijuana of cannabis oil.

The Pros of CBD Oil

The benefits of cannabis oils are being studied closely by the medical community and the results have been extensive and varied, even contradictory at times. Nevertheless, following are some of the benefits that the medical community agrees can be found in cannabis oils.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Endocannabinoids are produced in the body to help regulate the mood, balance energy levels and positively affects cognitive functions and balance. Medical studies have shown that CBD – cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found extensively in cannabis oils – can play an important role in reducing anxiety while improving the mood.

Cannabidiol can be an essential support to those coping with high-levels of stress and depression. CBD can help to control the outcomes of stress and panic attacks by redirecting the activation of stress receptors and minimizing their activity.

Increases appetite

There are many conditions and treatments can that adversely affect the desire to eat. Those suffering from many forms of cancer will be commonly introduced to powerful chemotherapy to combat and control tumor growth. This often causes a severe lack of appetite that saps the body of the strength it needs to fight cancer.

The consumption of cannabis oils can help to stimulate the production of hormones that work to stimulate the appetite. This results in cannabis oils restoring a healthy appetite to those suffering serious conditions and allows them the strength to continue the fight for their lives.

Furthermore, cannabis oils also fuel and stimulate the digestive system which can be an important support to gaining the weight losses by bouts with disease and other conditions. Furthermore, the soothing and mentally-empowering properties of CBD can be used to treat anorexia and obesity.

Healthy Support to Organs, Muscles and Joints

The joints, muscles and organs can receive considerable health benefits for regular CBD supplementation. CBD works to soothe pains and improve the mood which leads to an improved immune system. The medical community has recognized cannabis oils as an impressive pain reliever. It is so effective that it has been used to treat the severely painful conditions of fibromyalgia and cancer.

Medical practices today apply cannabis oils to those suffering from cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and others for an extended period of time free of pains and discomforts.

Supports the health of the brain

Cannabis oils have been found to fight the effects of degenerative brain conditions including Huntington’s. Alzheimer’s, and even multiple sclerosis. Each of these conditions is identified by a degradation of cells and a boosted immune system can prevent many of these conditions from getting really bad.

Fights Psychosis

The severity and frequency of psychotic episodes can be treated with cannabis oils, even though large amounts may be needed for efficacy. However, unlike the conventional antipsychotic medication, cannabis oils have mild side-effects.

Some other benefits of Cannabis Oil include:

Antibacterial properties
Supports circulatory system
Enhances skin condition
Can treat and prevent cancer
Prevents sight problems

The CONs

Even though a wide range of health benefits have been studied and proven, there are some side effects that anyone considering this treatment should keep in mind. Incorrect use or prolonged usage has been responsible for:

Carries a risk of addiction and abuse
Seriously affects your short-term memory
Causes Low blood pressure
Damages lung tissue
Impairs cognitive ability


A list of advantages and disadvantages of cannabis oils use can help to provide a better perspective on the subject of medical marijuana. Even if it has been used for thousands of years as an effective treatment, cannabis oils are still being studied and justified for their advantages to society today.